sábado, agosto 26, 2006


Si eres realizador audiovisual de cualquier tipo, vives en Caracas y quieres unirte al equipo de discusión y creación de VIDEOS de www.anarcos.com, escribe un correo a anarcos.producciones@gmail.com en el que incluyas:
-Tu nombre y apellido
-Tu edad
-Un número de teléfono (preferiblemente celular)
-Si es posible, un video o un vínculo a un video que hayas realizado

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SUPER 8 dijo...

Hi Folks!
There's 3 new tracks taken from SUPER 8's brand new (awesome!) album 'DAYSAVER' up for grabs on PODSAFE if you're interested? All tracks were written, recorded, performed & produced solely by Trip in his attic over summer '06 (in a kind of 'acoustic/indie Prince stylee!' Who needs a group when you can sound like a full band in the relative comfort of your own attic?) Trip is currently preparing for a series of low-key album launches throughout Scotland where he'll be performing a stripped down 'version of the album' in a one-man band style. The songs will be performed by Trip on acoustic guitar whilst simultaneously playing half a drum-kit, singing & playing harmonica. (He plans to perfect this art so that he can eventually fulfill his musical dream of staging his one-man show in Niagra whilst tight-roping across the falls). For more info: www.myspace.com/super8musicuk
Thanks for your continued interest & keep that music coming - PODCASTERS OF THE WORLD UNITE & TAKEOVER!